Clinical psychology undergraduate dissertation topics

Rachel Orr A qualitative study exploring people's responses to their partners' and spouses' obsessions and compulsions. Nicola Spence Improving the effectiveness of supervision: Pick one that intrigues you, or that you have already researched about because you have a great interest in it.

Think about what you want to do with this degree once your thesis is finished, and where you see yourself going. Chris Groom Online game playing, lifestyle factors and general health in men aged Look some thesis writing guides. pay someone to write a paper for me by year Amy Singleton Young people's perspectives on the role of the media in wellbeing. Rouski, Charlene Looked after children's experiences of self-harm:

A narrative inquiry Zoe Nowell The subjective experience of personhood in dementia care settings Cathy Parker A qualitative investigation of the experience of coping and recovery from stroke at a young age Aneela Pilkington Psychological well-being and barriers to accessing psychological services within South Asian and Muslim populations Helena Rose Using a participatory approach to explore how young people understand the concept of social inclusion Ian Rushton Developing an early therapeutic alliance with the transferred client Sangeetha Senthinathan A qualitative exploration of the role of identity in older people experiencing chronic pain Rachel Skippon Exploring and supporting stories of resilience in parenthood Greg Taylor A qualitative investigation into non-clinical voice hearing: Meta-synthesis exploring experience and a narrative analysis of maintaining change. Experiences of inpatient mental health care from the perspective of individuals with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder Carla Innes Mechanisms of change in Compassion Focused Therapy:

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Jane Lawton The use of alcohol in a chronic pain population: Alexandra Turner Caring for patients with dementia in a general hospital setting Lisa Jones An exploration of coping in sex work Irram Walji Narrative identities and self-constructs of individuals with histories of sexual and violent offences Graduating year Jade Ark Navigating the organ donation journey Catherine Elson The narratives of life before and after cardiothoracic transplant Victoria Cairns Experiences of support for first-episode psychosis: Shirley Lockeridge The experience of carers of people with young onset dementia Andrew McLean Psychological well-being and perceptions of stigma in people with a disability. Cheng, Joanna The mechanisms of psychological therapy with people with long-term physical health conditions. Clinical psychology undergraduate dissertation topics Clare Firth Women considering preventive mastectomy:

A qualitative study Fiona Lattimer The impact of child-centred play taught in behavioural parent training on the development of children's language skills Suzanne Lee The psychological impact of a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease Rachael McNulty The experience of obesity: Jennifer Seamans Experiences of pregnancy for women with eating disorders: Jennifer Deakin An exploratory study to identify obstacles and enablers to communication about erectile dysfunction following cardiac trauma.

Joanna Farrington A study investigating the relationship between parental conflict, self-concept and the roles children play in bullying situations. Clare Calvert An exploration of the relationships between trauma and delusional ideation in secure services. Clinical psychology undergraduate dissertation topics Joanna Hearne Experiences of the child protection system for women with alcohol problems.

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Elizabeth Allsop The construction of the coparenting relationship: Caroline Williamson Caregivers' experiences of caring for a spouse with Parkinson's Disease and psychotic symptoms. Victoria Molyneaux The caring relationship: Clare Firth Women considering preventive mastectomy:

An interpretative phenomenological analysis Claire Wilde Relationships between parenting styles and metacognitive beliefs about rumination in depression Graduating year 17 trainees Lucy Attenborough Changing Young People's attitudes toward people with mental health problems: Jane Lawton The use of alcohol in a chronic pain population: Reflections of clinical psychologists after returning to work Katherine Taylor Art, creativity and mental health Graduating year Claire Anderson What is the process by which placement supervisors make difficult decisions in trainee assessment?

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Julie Blakeley Quality of life amongst adolescent survivors of childhood heart surgery. If you want to be a counsellor in a school or a therapist for criminals in a prison, those are two very different career paths that require different experiences and studies. Clinical psychology undergraduate dissertation topics Deavin, Toni A qualitative exploration of family members' experiences of paediatric chronic illness. James Carr The impact of pre-morbid personality on challenging behaviour in dementia. Richard Colley Hearts and minds:

Nigel Colbert A qualitative investigation into the experiences of clients and therapists engaged in psychodynamic interpersonal therapy following an episode of deliberate self-harm. The effects of sleep deprivation on patients suffering from accidental trauma and brain injuries. Clinical psychology undergraduate dissertation topics Kirsty Pratt An investigation of the psychosocial characteristics of individuals requesting cosmetic surgery on the NHS. Aileen Burnett An investigation into self-harm in primary school aged children James Carr The impact of pre-morbid personality on challenging behaviour in dementia Lisa Gallimore Young children's beliefs and attitudes towards mental health Amanda Gill Development and primary validation of the Thought Control Questionnaire TCQ for adolescents Hannah Goring Measures of depressive rumination and of underlying metacognitive beliefs: Katie Hatton The experience of guilt, shame and entrapment in carers of people with dementia and the relationship of these variables to psychological outcome.

Epilepsy and non-epileptic attack disorder. Couples' experiences and current approaches to treatment Rebecca Dunn The relationship between trauma and psychosis Jana Fusekova Mechanisms of change: A narrative analysis Suzanne Heffernan The role of religion and faith in the recovery journey of individuals with experience of psychosis Samantha Large Service users' experiences of risk management in relation to their own self-harm Peter Lydon Lived experiences of rupture and endings in psychological therapy Gail Meadows The development of the fatigue severity scale for people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury Peter Morgan A qualitative analysis of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for stress for therapy health care workers Nicola Pilkington The experiences of body image in young women with type 1 diabetes mellitus T1DM Jennifer Pomfret Narratives of living well with cystic-fibrosis Sumayah Refaat Experience of bipolar disorder from the perspectives of parents with the diagnosis of family members Stacey Story Providing therapy whilst pregnant: Chris Groom Online game playing, lifestyle factors and general health in men aged

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